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Cabin Plus


Cabin Plus

Max. 5 persons


Do you want to stay at Ons Buiten during a cycling- or walking tour, but don’t you have your own tent? Our cabins are the solution! The cosy cabins are perfect for a short stay, but also for a short vacation and fantastic for kids!


  • Max. 5 persons
  • WiFi present
  • Maximaal te reserveren voor drie nachten
  • Electrisch verwarmd
  • Stroomverhoging is mogelijk (tot max. 16 amp.)
  • Extra bijzettentje is mogelijk (2 stukjes van max. 6m² per tent)

Availability & booking

First choose your day of arrival, afterwards you can chose the day of departure.

  Not available


Cabin Plus

Prices shown are based on two persons!
1 Afwasteil
1 Bezem
1 Blikopener
5 Borden (plat)
1 Emmer
5 Frisdrankglazen
1 Fluitketel
2 Houten lepels
1 Koffiezetapparaat
5 Lepels
5 Messen
5 Mokken
3 Onderzetters
5 Ontbijtborden
4 Pannen
1 Stoffer met blik
5 Theelepels
1 Theepot
5 Tuinstoelen
1 Tuintafel
5 Vorken
1 Vuilnisbak
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